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Changing the Paradigm
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Chris Baker


Changing the paradigm…..




Working independently since March 2008 and previously in the UK Government, Chris Baker is an experienced and innovative strategic thinker and policy advisor.

Chris has operated for many years in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Sustainable Consumption and Production.

He has considerable experience in getting results through innovative, multi-stakeholder policies, programmes and partnerships. In the initiating and managing the UK Market Transformation Programme, he pioneered public domain, transparent, evidence based thinking as an effective and pragmatic way to develop product policy and to engage with governments, businesses and experts.

More recently, Chris has participated in a range of formal and informal consultations, conferences, projects and policy development processes and has assisted the EACI in evaluating proposals the EU's Energy Intelligent Europe programme.

Independently, when he is not repairing his house and playing with his toys, Chris is keen to explore and to promote ideas for developing pragmatic Market Transformation approaches to policy development He encourages local information-sharing initiatives, for example,, which help people to share their ideas and to work on the issues, risks, solutions and opportunities for making their own communities more sustainable. 


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